Aesthetic Control

APEM has designed a sealing for 10ZC, the center cap of Ultranavimec™. This allows you to design a complete control panel in matching design, specifications,and below panel height.Ultranavimec™is a simple and aesthetic navigational solution for applications where space is limited, like handheld devices and handles.


Aesthetic design for your modern application


Reliable with long lifetime and sealing


  • Medical equipment
  • Outdoor stage equipment
  • Joysticks
  • Coffee machines
  • Broadcast equipment


  • Ultranavimec Ø22.0mm
  • 10ZC cap Ø9.58 mm
  • Total height 7.56mm
  • Below panel height 5.0mm
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Mounted on Ultramec™6Cseries
    • >3M activations
    • IP67
    • 3.7N


With the introduction of Ultranavimec, we wanted to go one step further in our offering of navigational PCB solutions and make one for ultra-compact spaces in harsh environments. Now we are taking the center cap from this Ultranavimec solution and making it possible to use independently when combined with the new 10ZCWY sealing. This gives designers the possibility of creating more complex input systems with this intuitive navigational device.

Morten Højdevang,
Marketing Product Manager