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How do we collaborate to create a unique APEM HMI solution?

More than ever, customers have specific demands for control panels that seamlessly integrate with their unique specifications and operational requirements. In response to this, our team of experts at APEM have  cultivated a customer-centric approach that places collaboration, innovation and quality at the forefront of every project. Our process for developing customer-specific control panels begins with a professional approach, utilizing the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process. This methodical approach ensures that every aspect of the customer’s requirements is meticulously documented and integrated from the very beginning.


To manage the complexity in customer-specific human machine interface projects, we ensure close cooperation between the Control Panel BU, our local affiliates, and the customer. Regular team meetings involving the project leader and the customer allow us to thoroughly understand the customer’s needs, delve into technical requirements, and explore preferences. This engagement aligns our expertise with the customer’s vision, ensuring that the resulting solution is the one they originally wanted.

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At the heart of our HMI development process, we aim to create control panels that go among functionality, striving to make them intuitive and ergonomic to use. By prioritizing the end-user experience, we drive innovation and deliver solutions that satisfy customer expectations. Moreover, our HMIs design strategy enables us to tailor each control panel from shapes and colors to materials and capabilities such as elastomer, membrane, plastic capacitive, metal piezo, and metal keypad. We offer a large panel of customization options to ensure that every control panel is perfectly suited to its intended application:


In the pursuit of a customer-centric approach, our team understands the importance of addressing challenges with expertise. This begins with ensuring the control panel developed meets some safety requirements, including compliance with performance levels, ISO, military, and European (EN) regulations. By complying to these standards, we guarantee that each control panel delivers the utmost in safety and reliability. Thanks to our quality department, we can offer a wide range of qualifications, the majority of which are carried out in-house, enabling us to maintain rigorous quality control measures and comply with various environmental standards.

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“Each project has its own specifics, challenges, and deliverables. We must try to bring everything together to ensure everything goes smoothly with our clients, and this requires constant communication”

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Above all, our experts ensure that there is transparent communication in every project follow-up. Our team keeps customers informed with regular updates on project progress, in line with established project planning frameworks. This open communication not only enables trust, but it also ensures that customers remain fully informed of the status of their projects at all times, thus helping them to make informed decisions with complete confidence. 

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Why collaborate with APEM?

Collaborating with APEM offers great benefits. One key advantage is our commitment to deliver the perfect solution for our clients. We offer plug-and-play solutions that are not only easily integrable but also turnkey, streamlining the entire implementation process from start to finish.

We also prioritize obsolescence management and follow-up, ensuring that our solutions remain up-to-date and functional over time. Our continuous improvement process allows us to consistently enhance our products and services, keeping pace with the latest industry standards and customer expectations. 

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Our standard offerings are designed to meet a wide array of customer needs, providing versatile and reliable HMI solutions. Additionally, our long-standing experience in the field positions us as a trusted and dependable partner, capable of delivering high-quality control panels tailored to specific requirements.


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