Joystick controllers have long been a key component of industrial machinery. However, the latest generation of industrial and agricultural vehicle have become more sophisticated than luxury cars. Communication, navigation and monitoring electronics are integrated into robust industrial systems, demanding complex controls. 

The HOTAS concept 

Industrial designers have adopted the aerospace concept known as HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick), in which operators of industrial machinery are provided with controls at their fingertips. Joysticks that incorporate a full range of additional components allow users to operate machines whilst keeping both hands firmly on their controls. 

Full or mid-sized joystick?  

To achieve this, the XD series from APEM is a full-sized hand-grip controller for operators of the latest complex industrial vehicles. The XD has been designed to deliver robust and long-term reliability while providing the flexibility that designers need, with space for switches, rollers and indicators to be installed. 

Along with full-sized controllers, APEM has developed a new size of joystick.  The mid-sized XP range fits well into the palm of the user and delivers a more comfortable experience for operators with smaller hands. Despite its compact design, it also provides space for the control devices that make joysticks so versatile.  

Components and joysticks: it’s a match! 

APEM has a range of qualified components that are ideally suited for joystick-mounted applications. The FNR is a rocker switch that is specifically designed to provide forward/reverse controls for machinery. Whether providing precise control of hydraulic actuators or rapid change of direction for electric motors, the backlit indicators and ergonomic design make the FNR range a popular choice for industrial machinery. 

For more precise control, the HR series thumbwheels provide a linear voltage output. Designed for joystick handle and control grip integration, the HR series uses proven Hall effect technology to deliver high reliability and a compact design. The FNR and HR series are just part of the APEM range of controls that offers a comprehensive solution for the industrial control designer. 

SLIMline designs from APEM