In the era of energy conservation, for reasons of cost and environmental awareness, the APEM group is even more committed to eco-responsibility.

Some of our major sites, such as Vista in the United States and Westminster in the United Kingdom, are already equipped with solar panels. The installations allow them to be self-sufficient in “green” electricity. The initial results are very satisfactory, and APEM intends to go further by equipping other sites with solar panels. By 2024, the Caussade site in France should also have solar panels for its own electricity consumption.

Producing your own energy, and moreover renewable energy, is already a big step. The APEM group is working in parallel on other projects related to our products and manufacturing processes.

In addition to our commitment to quality in the development and manufacturing of long-life products, we have also committed to continuing to provide the maximum standardization of our technical and technological solutions, without sacrificing the diversity and flexibility of our offerings. This includes the optimization of our raw materials and structuring efforts for our supply chain organization.

We are also working on reducing and reusing our production waste, and turning the corner on eco-design, with an improvement in the recyclability and repairability of our products. This is a long-term project that our teams will continue indefinitely and at the end of the day, APEM will be able to design and produce human-machine interfaces with the same high standards, while reducing its environmental footprint. Undeniably a win-win project!