Daylight Visibility

Our high-contrast LED indication is specifically engineered for applications where sharp focus and visibility are crucial. This advanced feature ensures that you get a clear, easily readable display even in broad daylight conditions. Whether you’re in a brightly lit environment or working outdoors, our high-contrast LED technology guarantees that you won’t miss any critical information.


Clear and precise distinction between on and off

Clearly visible in daylight

Safety in critical applications


  • Telecom base stations ans masts
  • EV charging stations
  • Belly boxes
  • Remote controls
  • AGVs


  • Black and natural anodized bezels are both lightweight and robust
  • Sealed to IP67 for harsh and hazardous environments
  • Epoxy rear end sealing
  • Simple connectivity with 200mm 24 AWG
  • Plug & play assembled interconnects


LED lights have been hailed as the future and high contrast indicators perform at their best when it comes to outside lighting. Contrast is the difference between off and on and its sole function is to avoid or mitigate reflection of light especially in safety critical applications.

Steve Blackwell,
Product Manager