FNR functionality refers to Forward, Neutral, and Reverse. The FNR directional switch is used to control the direction of a vehicle.

In agricultural, construction, material handling and other off-road vehicles you quite often have some tools or implements that the operator controls with a joystick. Letting go of this joystick to shift gear and maneuver the vehicle is a loss in time and could lead to safety issues. Therefore, it is smart to put the “gearbox” on the joystick, and this “gearbox” is called an FNR directional switch.

The basic needs for an FNR switch are 3 positions, easy-to-use for a long period of time and a long lifetime but there are other design considerations to take before making your final choice:

  • Placement of the switch & ergonomics – front plate switch would be operated with a thumb, back plate on with an index finger – each choice influences the preference on surface shape
  • Should the switch be latching or momentary?
  • What colors to use?
  • Do you need illumination for operating in the dark?
  • Do you need markings to differentiate from other functionalities on the joystick?
  • What level of sealing do you need?

The answers to these considerations will help you narrow down to which switch range fits your needs best. In APEM product range there are 5 different product options to choose from. 

SLIMline designs from APEM