Joysticks are becoming more and more complex in order to incorporate all the possibilities for which innovation in technology allows. However, there are situations where there is no reason to overdo with functionality and choosing the single speed control is the smarter choice.

For example, in hay baling machines, it’s used for wrapping and lifting hay at the end of the line. In refuse trucks, the joystick controls the remote bin lifting arm, making waste management more efficient. Similarly, fire trucks rely on these joysticks for precise hose deployment and retraction during emergencies. In all these situations, having a dependable joystick ensures smooth and effective functioning.

We recommend 1000 series joysticks as this range of digital microswitch-driven joysticks are ideal for two axis single speed applications, with the standard versions being ideal for light to medium duty environments and the HE version suitable for harsh environments where analogue proportional control is not required.

Configurable with either single or double pole V3 or V4 microswitches, 1000 series is a compact and reliable solution for scenarios where simpler digital functionality is required.