The versatility and visual clarity of toggle switches 

The toggle switch gives a clear visual indication of its position, making it extremely useful for safety critical equipment. Its design also makes it ideal for use in harsh conditions. The lever of the toggle switch can even be used by an operator wearing gloves, providing clear tactile feedback. It is important to know the state of a toggle switch, critical for high-pressure situations found in ground equipment or the cabin of a defense vehicle. 

Challenges of accidental operation in dynamic environments 

For operators who need to operate complex machinery whilst moving, the advantages of the toggle switch can be the cause of accidental operation. As the lever of the toggle switch protrudes from the control panel, it is vulnerable to accidental operation or tampering.  

Importance of protection guards in preventing mishaps 

For equipment in which unwanted switching could lead to disaster, designers can use protection guards. Protection guards prevent accidental operation by covering the lever of the toggle switch when not in use. They can also protect the switch from being damaged or operated by other moving equipment in the dynamic environment of a vehicle cabin or remote control.  
To operate the lever, the user flips the cover open to expose the switch and returns the cover once the switch is thrown. Thanks to its longevity and durability, the lever can be operated thousands of times without ever failing.

Tailoring safety measures with APEM switch guard options 

The APEM range of switch guards are specifically designed for use with toggle switches in safety critical situations. With the benefit of several options. The switch cover can remain open, allowing repeated operation, or it can be spring-loaded to return the cover to the guard position when finished. The switch cover can even force the lever to the original position when closed, ideal for situations that require momentary switches, such as an engine start or warning signal. When operators need to make split-second decisions, switch guards prevent accidental operation to deliver peace of mind.  

Here’s a selection of APEM switch guards: