Metal keycap keypads are mechanical pushbuttons mounted on a PCB, offering a unique combination of robust and visually appealing features. These keypads come with a metal frame designed to meet the highest level of vandal-resistant specifications, all while maintaining a visually appealing design.


This solution is protected to IK10 level robustness, is UV resistant, and it can handle staining corrosive materials and extreme temperatures. They are built to operate in extreme environments.

Appealing design

Different shapes and sizes can be assembled to provide a custom aesthetic look. Add key backlighting, including RGB, to make the panel design pop. The solution can be made more eye-catching with different finishes. Stainless steel with brushing, aluminum with different anodized colors, and abrasion-resistant marking can be added to make the panel more user-friendly.

APPLication areas

  • Outside applications
  • Heavily used public applications, such as ATMs and lifts
  • Industries with harsh environments including chemical, food, and oil
  • Public environment
  • Industrial automation