APEM’s metal capacitive technology mixes the advantages of both the plastic capacitive and the piezo technology to provide your HMI a new look and feel.

Showcasing flexibility of PCB height


Using metal makes the solution robust and able to withstand outdoor use. The need for a micromovement ensures that the changes in outside environment, including running water, will not activate the switch.

SHowcasing waterproof HMI solution

Long lifetime

Thanks to no mechanical motion metal enhanced capacitive technology offers a long lifetime to your keypad. Furthermore, this solution is easy to use with good sensitivity. Technology recognizes short and long presses and can process multiple simultaneous presses. The sensitivity can even be adjusted according to the typical usage of the application.

Showcasing customization and easy mounting

Appealing look

Besides robustness the all-metal look provides a sleek and aesthetic look to the application. The number and the position of the large 18 mm round keys are customizable, as is its illumination and marking. A tailor-made keypad is available specifically for your application.


  • Outside applications requiring robustness and UV resistance
  • Public use due to its reliability and long lifetime
  • Easy status recognition is required due to availability of RGB illumination


  • Outdoor security
  • Industrial process
  • Special vehicles