What are the key criteria when selecting a switch? 
How miniature controls can enhance the user experience when controlling complex vehicle systems? 
PCB switches: how to push the limits of your cap marking? 
How to achieve great lighting performance with led indicators? 
Why should you move to canbus HMIs?…

These are just a few examples of the issues you could face in your daily work. To help you make the right choices, both in terms of efficiency and design, our experts share their knowledge. Watch our webinars and don’t hesitate to contact us via our livechat if you haven’t found the answer to your questions.


How to speed up the design decision process

In today’s business environment, with shorter and shorter product life cycles, the time to market can be very critical. The more time used in the development phase the shorter time you will have to generate revenue with a new product. Or even worse – your competitor might launch a similar product before you, and that way gain a substantial competitive advantage by being first.

So, beyond any doubt – reducing the time to market without compromising the quality will benefit your business.

In this webinar we will present tips and tricks to create visual as well as functional keycap prototypes. Considerations to remember before starting the production of the prototypes, overview of different technologies… you will be able to choose the right option for your next keycap prototype!


Aesthetically pleasing, durable and intuitive, membrane keyboards are ideal for many tight-budget applications.

Look around you: there are membrane keyboards everywhere that we use every day. The reason they are so popular is that they have many advantages. Membrane keyboards may be reasonably priced, but they don’t skimp on quality and performance!

End users find them easy to operate and manufacturers can integrate them quickly. Their stylish look with a mix of colors, logos, markings and tactile effects enables intuitive use; parameters that allow you to very easily customize your interfaces while improving user comfort and controlling your costs!

Whatever your application requirements, you can be sure that APEM has the right membrane solution to meet your technical specifications.


Shorter user manual, greater user experience!

Professional life, personal life, what’s the difference?
Nobody likes to have to read a heavy manual before using a new piece of equipment. We all want everything to be intuitive, easy to understand, assemble and use.
Some may be tempted to publish more attractive manuals, but the solution lies elsewhere and we have a better approach to offer you.

In our new webinar, discover how APEM integrates these requirements into its specifications and how we can help you select components that are simple to integrate and use…
In order to provide your users with the most seamless experience possible, your HMI should be like the tip of an iceberg; easy to use without the user realizing the complexity that lies beneath.


How miniature controls can enhance the user experience when controlling complex vehicle systems.

Protecting the modern day warfighter, filming the latest Hollywood blockbuster and supporting the professional farmer. With advancements in vehicle technologies comes the need for more complex operator control systems.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how sociological and technological evolutions are pushing the next generation of Human Machine Interfaces.

Mark Petersen is a seasoned Product Marketing Manager with over 15 years of experience in the field of HMI. In this role, he helps steer the marketing direction and strategic vision for APEM’s joystick product lines.


How to push the limits of your cap marking

It could be that you are developing a new product for a demanding environment or you have very specific design requirements, or you are just curious of the cap marking possibilities out there.

In this webinar we will present different marking needs, e.g. illumination, frequent use, cleaning, etc., and explain how to pick the technology that fits best for that need. We will present benefits and limits of each technology, providing you the fundamental knowledge to choose the right option for your next HMI solution.

Morten Højdevang is the Marketing Product Manager and THE expert on MEC product range, APEM’s high performance tactile switches.


From the conceptual design of your project to the branded end joystick, discover how you can easily stand out from the crowd while guaranteeing you the best-in-class joystick in the market.

The joystick you integrate into your application is part of your brand identity and uniqueness. So, how can you be certain you don’t have the same look and feel as others? How can you equip your application with a tailor-made and distinctive joystick?

With APEM by your side, you can be certain to find the one joystick that meets your needs, in terms of ergonomics and comfort, functionalities, branding and cost.

Richard Bateman, Marketing Product Manager for Joysticks.
Richard has been a part of the APEM organization for more than 30 years, initially in an external role as part of UK sales.


These indicators have become so essential they now equip most vehicles and machines. Our range can be adapted to all configurations giving you many advantages to upgrade all your Human-Machine Interfaces.
During this webinar you will discover that APEM’s LED indicators give a high level of performance, high level of security ensuring you a reliable and economical solution.

Whatever your application we can guarantee key features, a wide range of capabilities to support customer designs covering many diverse markets.

Steve Blackwell, Marketing Product Manager dedicated to Q series LED Indicators.


Switch from a multicomponent design to an all-in-one solution for your HMI.

If your special vehicle application is already equipped with a CANbus architecture, there is no need to assemble single HMI components. Rather, think of your entire panel as an all-in-one HMI solution. The CANbus system helps you maximize the ergonomics and design of your HMI solution while increasing the number of functionalities available to the end-user.

Off-road vehicles, 2-wheel electric vehicle… whatever the application, discover why you should switch to the CANbus system.

Elodie Saint-Affre, APEM control panel expert


All you need to know to make the right choice when selecting a switch for your application

Even if a switch is a seemingly simple component, the reality is much more complex… And the situation gets more complicated when it must be integrated into a particular application.

The front panel must consider all parameters that will boost the end user’s comfort. The back side must fit all your integration requirements.

When you must compile all these specifications into a single switch, you really need to rely on a trustworthy partner to make the right decisions!

Christophe Moreau, APEM switch expert