APEM’s high performance tactile switch range, MEC has one of the largest accessory ranges on the tactile switch market giving you many opportunities to make simple customizations with color, height, illumination and marking within the standard range. 

If your need is more specific, then we can help you design your own custom cap solution. Our standard program plus all the custom projects we have worked on have given us an abundance of expertise to guide you through the design process, all you need is an idea. MEC has product marketing, R&D, tooling and production all in one building in Denmark, making communication and each development phase easier and flexible. 

And as a bonus your custom solution will function smoothly with the high performing switches of the MEC range providing you with not just a carefully planned panel design but also a control panel you can rely on. 

Check out Jeremy answering a few questions about his experience with MEC custom solutions in the video.