New 2-pole version of Ultramec

Let us introduce the smallest dual pole SMD component on the market – the Dualmec™ switch. This small tactile switch allows you to increase the safety of your handheld or limited-space device. Its compact design ensures that it fits seamlessly into tight spaces, while its dual pole functionality offers enhanced reliability and performance. With the Dualmec™ switch, you can achieve both safety and efficiency without compromising on quality.


Added security with double confirmation

Space-saving and simplifies the design

Many design options within the standard cap range


  • Medical equipment
  • Material handling
  • Mining equipment
  • Military communication equipment


  • Panel sealed to IP67
  • Functional with specially designed 10AQS cap or a 1SS cap for variable height
  • Snap-in mounting for the AQW sealing
  • 1 million cycles
  • Compact design


We see a trend that applications are becoming more compact while the safety requirements increase. Therefore, when designing PCBs for critical operations, we recommend our new ultra-compact Dualmec™ tact switch – the smallest 2-pole switch on the market. This new switch with its two separate contacts enhances the system safety and simplifies the design for your limited-space device. We have standard cap options available for this new switch but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a custom solution.

Morten Højdevang,
Marketing Product Manager