Resistant and long-lasting MEC PCB switches on coffee machines

Explore MEC’s diverse range of high-performance switches

First, you have to consider the options for the base switch.

10,000,000 operations, a choice of four haptics, 6 LED colour options are available, single and bi color illumination, through board or surface mount or if you choose the 6C, J bend is also an option. The switches can withstand 100N of force applied to the actuator, Normally Open and a NC/NO versions and with Dualmec there is even a 2-pole version, (vital for those safety critical applications). If your project demands it, the temperature range can go from -40 to +85 0C. Did we mention that all the switches come with IP67 sealing as standard?

Explore MEC’s diverse range of high-performance switches

Round, square, rectangle, oval or tear drop, 18 solid and 6 transparent colours; “dot” illumination, full illumination or laser etched illumination, a comprehensive range of standard markings are there for you to choose from but if you can’t find the one you like, let us know and we can create it for you. We can supply caps with brushed stainless finishes, again with marking, or if you prefer, with Designmec, you can incorporate the material of your choice and still have illumination.

We know that even with such a vast array of standard caps, it is just possible you cannot find the one that you have in mind. Not a problem! Get in touch with your local APEM representative and we can discuss a custom cap, unique to you and yours forever. We can also offer a complete range of panel seals to provide sealing up to IP67!

APEM’s custom panel solutions integrate MEC switches with precision

If you would like, we can integrate the switches and caps into a complete custom panel solution.
Multiple switches can be mounted to a single pcb, with your choice of electronics and connector. Fully tested and ready to fit straight out of the box. We can work either with you directly or if you prefer with your nominated design house to provide the simplest and most efficient development cycle. We can also work seamlessly with your production team or your nominated CEM to ensure the smoothest supply chain route.
The options are endless, the quality exceptional… By choosing MEC, you’re not just selecting a component; you’re crafting a control experience that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of the user.

High-performing MEC PCB switches on medical equipment

Some MEC switches and caps to explore: