The Power of the Familiar 

This immediate familiarity is vitally important in a range of different situations. For controls that are intended for use by the public, instant recognition of their function delivers confidence in the customer. 

Enhancing Productivity and Safety with Intuitive Control Systems 

For professional applications such as heavy vehicles or industrial equipment, intuitive controls are highly advantageous. Systems that combine the best ergonomic and aesthetic features allow operators to develop advanced skills quickly, increasing productivity and enhancing functional safety

Military Advancements: how intuitive controls streamline training  

The military has always been keen to employ control systems that are easy to understand. An intuitive control system reduces the amount of training that needs to be provided. In addition, for applications that demand high levels of precision or a rapid response, easily understood controls enable quick reactions. The right look and feel of a control system greatly enhances the operator’s effectiveness. 

For these reasons, the military is taking advantage of an entire generation of young people who understand technology to the very core of their being.  By specifying familiar interfaces that mirror the ergonomic and aesthetic features of gaming controllers, the military has been able to tap into an instinctive skill set that simply does not need to be taught.  This has been applied to everything from heavy engineering equipment to bomb disposal robots, reducing the learning curve needed to employ high technology systems. 

The APEM range of HMI devices has been created to provide instant recognition and a familiar feel that allows designers to create a universally understood interface. Taking inspiration from the gaming industry and beyond, APEM controls are ideally suited for a wide range of military and industrial applications

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