The Start/Stop functionality basically allows to start and stop the engine of a vehicle in a simple way and brings a modern touch to the control interface.

This functionality has become popular with the public due to its increasing use in the automotive sector, especially with the expansion of the electric vehicle. However, this type of functionality is also increasingly found in various industrial applications, such as off-road vehicles (for the agricultural, construction and material handling sectors).

In these applications, users operate in harsh conditions and do some operations repeatedly. It is therefore necessary to offer them ergonomic workplace conditions as well as an easy and intuitive access to the information related to the system status.

The Start & Stop functionality is the first interaction between the operator and the machine and there are many options to make this interaction a user-friendly experience.

Industrial vehicle showcasing full-sized HMI controls in a slimline design environment with limited space.


  • A button with sufficient size to be easily visible on the control panel
  • A color to easily recognize the functionality associated to the switch
  • A good tactile feedback
  • A marking indicating the vehicle’s operating status
  • A backlight to inform on the status of the system or to operate in the dark
  • A good level of shock resistance
  • A high level of sealing

To meet the market’s expectations, APEM offers a range of standard Start & Stop pushbuttons and tactile switches. These standard products are available with numerous customization possibilities to offer to its customers an exclusive solution adapted to their specific needs.

SLIMline designs from APEM